INPRINT - The Safest Solution

The original BIOMETRIC security device is better than ever.

The industry standard INPRINT has been redesigned to raise the bar even further. As always, you can still rely on the INPRINT to provide reliable instant access with a simple swipe of one finger. Now you can also choose from several variations designed for your specific application. Size, color, construction and interface are just a few of the advancements we've made in the product that started it all. the INPRINT.


I am very happy with your product. I currently have a gun vault as well. The "Wake Up" timing is the same for both units. However, I must only place my finger on your safe to wake it. The gun vault has a button that must be pressed to wake it. Unfortunately, there are four buttons and I must determine which one is correct. This adds at least a second.

Due to the concern for my youngest child I am not able to see the top of either safe. They are up high. The imprint is considerably easier to use by feel. No buttons is a great feature. Also like the key hole being covered. The gun vault I have has an exposed key hole. I believe the covered key hole takes some of the curiosity out of the safe.

This is a great product! I also received the mounting plate and what a great option! I am interested in the power cord now. Please let me know if I must obtain through a dealer.

Thank you for the great service!

George W Spore IV

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